Why Y-Vent?

3D PRINTED OPEN SOURCE VENTILATOR FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES As our contribution to the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

Ventilators are essential to save human lives during the Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the most acute versions of the COVID-19 disease caused by Coronavirus is severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Patients with this disease have problems with breathing and need equipment that will in turn breath for them. You may have heard that ventilators play an important role in saving human lives now and this is why many countries, all over the world, try to buy or build as many of these as they can.

Everyone can build the Y-Vent and it is easy to assemble

The ventilator can be 3D printed. It does not have any mechanical parts, making assembly very easy. Although the construction of the Y-vent is simple, it can be successfully used to save human lives. It can be adjustable, follow patient breathing rate and more!  This is the secret power of the Y-Vent – simple, yet powerful. 

People behind this solution are experienced scientists who developed a medical equipment before

Marek Swoboda (PhD) is a medical device research & development expert with a twenty-plus year track record. He is a recognized innovator and researcher with extensive background in cardiovascular engineering, biomedical sensors and neurosurgical diagnostics. His background includes a PhD in biomedical engineering from Drexel University.

Y-Vent is an open source project and is meant to be available to everyone

This is correct. The Y-Vent is a private initiative supported by a group of volunteers. The entire work is ‘pro publico bono’ therefore you will not find any advertising, prices, costs or patents. The entire solution is available to everyone and our motivation is to help in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus. 

We need your help to reach as many people as possible

In our current situation, Coronavirus presents a need for ventilators all over the world. We have the solution and what is left is to inform people that they can use it. We are looking for influencers who will bring the good news to their audience, medical doctors who want to find a new application of this solution, agencies and organizations from both, private and public sectors who will use the Y-Vent to help people in need. We also need people who can simply share, tweet, post and spread the news!

Let it be your contribution to the ongoing
fight against the coronavirus.

Together we can do it!